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Mobilier de Jardin has established as a large stockist of Patio Furniture, Interior furniture and interior Décor. Our Manufacturing experience enable us to source the best Local Manufactured Furniture.

 Customers can have the best of Exterior and Interior Local Manufactured Furniture. These products are for viewing 7 days a week at our Shop at The Village Mall at Hartbeespoortdam.


Taking care of wood

Hardwood patio furniture – Care and Maintenance

Your furniture exposure to natures elements (sun, rain etc) will determine the treatment you will provide to your furniture. Saligna, Kiaat, Rosewood and Rhodesian Teak is resistant to decay and are very suitable for patio furniture. However there are some instructions that need to be followed to ensure that you have continuous enjoyment from this furniture. To maintain the appearance, please treat the surface of this wood with good preservative oil for hardwoods. Your newly purchased furniture should be treated as soon as possible. Apply the oil repeatedly until the point of saturation is reached, then wipe excess oil with a dry cloth. If the furniture is exposed to rain the fibers of the timber will raise slightly and give a rough texture. This is normal and a light sanding with fine sandpaper or steel wool will bring back the smooth surface. Once this has been done oil the furniture again. Please note that the furniture must be oiled all over, i.e. top and bottom. Not only the visible sides. Timber does shrink and expand according to humidity. This is natural. It is very important to know that the KD fittings used on this furniture will loosen, because of the shrinking. Just tighten it with the supplied allen keys, and your furniture will be stable again.

Interior furniture care

Our interior products has been finished with Woodoc interior sealer. Woodoc are heat, stain and scratch resistant. Woodoc penetrates to form a durable layer of sealed wood that minimize marring and facilitates easy restoration of damaged surfaces. Woodoc penetrates to become part of the wood, and are non- toxic once dry. It does not affect glue.


Woodoc Deep Penetrating Furniture Wax is the premier wipe-on maintenance and beautification product for all interior furniture. It will protect furniture against severe moisture and environmental changes in season. Available at all leading hardware outlets.


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